World Domination 5 in Toronto

It was all good just a week ago… Well damn, actually it’s never been better. There haven’t been too many updates this summer but all for good reasons. You can bet that if I’m not putting out email blasts, in the studio or hopping on a jet somewhere, I have my head down taking care of business. Now that I am back in London for atleast a few weeks, I found the time to plug y’all in.

I spent most of August back in Toronto with the King of the Dot fam before and during the World Domination 5 weekend. It was INSANE. Shouts to my people at Absolut who draped us with an endless supply of their delicious vodka to make sure the battlers stayed hydrated and shouts to the beautiful city of Toronto for being so hospitable. Feedback from everyone from the venue to the surrounding stores and viewers all over the world let us know that it was the dopest event yet.


No hyperbole is involved when I say that goes for all of battle rap – point blank period. On the heels of that, we will also be making some huge announcements in the coming weeks with some great new friends that will help us take this thing to whole new heights. Keep it locked and loaded and we will let you know when the time is right but if you follow me on Twitter, you might have read the play already…

Kicking it with the team and the other battlers is always good but hearing them go in when the cameras are rolling is a whole different level of dope. Daylyt, Pat Stay, Pass and Head Ice were all personal favourites but it was tough to pick a #1 because they all smashed their rounds. Cop the PPV and support the homeys.

Oh yea – one quick major salute to Trackstar (DJ to the infamous Run the Jewels click) who literally booked a flight just to roll for Friday’s battles because he loves this shit so much. Last minute he had an RTJ art show that held him up but the man behind RAPFAN is down for the cause and we love ’em for it.

RAPFAN x King of the Dot Trackstar

Anyways – after the event, I got to see friends, family, ex girlfriends, the homey Triple A (who is KILLING it on the production tip these days), my old favourite hangover brunch restaurant and even some time for a wilderness rip at a hunting lodge. I’m not an experienced shooter with a shotty but it was fun letting it rip in the middle of nowhere. Naturally, I forgot to put earplugs in like everyone else so the next few tracks I put out might have me sounding more like DMX than Trae but I’ll do my best to hold it down. We also lit some giant fires which, if you know me, fed the pyromaniac I’ve buried inside of me but love to let out. Nothing beats a giant fire. NOTHING.


After we wrapped up in the wilderness, I had to head straight to the airport to check London. It was good coming back for 24 hours but with the #AllForTheGame tour with Kevin Durant and his clique starting the next day, September was on and popping. Check back later in the week for more updates on the tour and catch me back in London for most of the second half of September.

Couple more flicks from the trip but it wasn’t long enough so I will be home soon with more good news and to see more peeps!

Remember – brush your teeth and no matter where you travel, don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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