Troy Carter’s Been 2 Too Much

Imagine making the transition from delivering flyers in West Philly to becoming one of the first investors in one of the most disruptive companies to ever shake the world up. Now, picture going from being a rapper on the block to repeatedly identifying once-in-a-generation talent and shepherding them onto the biggest and brightest stages in the world. This may sound crazy but the life of Troy Carter has been anything but normal. 

Before he took on the management game, Troy was an aspiring artist under Will Smith. One day, he decided to drop out of high school to pursue a career in rap and those same instincts served as his passport for the journey of a lifetime. By figuring out how the game works as an artist, Troy was quickly able to identify the difference between talent vs. superstars, value vs. valor and colleagues vs. comrades. In his RapRadar interview, he credits tagging along with Will Smith to soak in the idiosyncrasies of the legend-in-the-making as a key factor in figuring out how to make his own meteoric rise.

Even though the Internet tried to bury it, his creative senses served him well in a group called 2 Too Many that launched “Where the Party At?” complete with a music video featuring the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Somehow, life always seems to fit together. Midway through the second verse, Troy lets people know about a party, asking, “Do you wanna go, do you wanna go?” presumably courting them with guestlist to the jam he was flyering for earlier on the block. While this verse just missed being nominated for a Poet Laureate, it lives on in infamy as the artist-turned-manager-turned-mogul spreads his wings and continues to change the world with every move behind the curtain.
Maybe he knew back in the day that he would go on to launch The Atom Factory, invest into the careers of some of the brightest musicians of our time, become an early investor into Uber, Lyft, Warby Parker and more. If so, his ability as a visionary far succeeded the ability he demonstrated as an artist from his earlier days. The way he has straddled the business side of the entertainment industry without sacrificing a drop of creative integrity along the way for himself or any of his artists has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Today, he sits as the Global Head of Creator Services at Spotify and counts Lady Gaga, John Legend, Meghan Trainor and Eve as clients and friends. Without his fundamental emergence as a rapper on the 1992 track about having a good time, we might not have ever been introduced to some of the household names we sing along with today.

Most artists make a horrible transition into the labels and even worse when they try to become real bosses in non-music companies. Think about the financial reckoning of Cash Money Records and transpose it onto banking, consumer packaged goods or a commodities business? The sheer ignorance of business laws and common decency would cause even the strongest accountant’s heads to explode. Mr. Carter is a glowing beacon that the skills and experiences learned through artistry and in the music game can become a calling card for greatness in the rest of the world.

When it’s all said and done, his name will be hung up in the rafters next to the Lyor Cohens, the Clive Davis’ and the Tommy Mottolas of the music game, but more importantly, his fingerprints will be on revolutionary technology that changed how we live. Next time you hit a friend up asking about the plans for the weekend, pay homage to a legend by sending this video and find out “Where the Party At?”

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