Its the first of many – but it has been a month to the day that I touched down in my new home (London, England). Hell yes – it was a crazy decision on 2 weeks notice and it turned my life upside down but sometimes you have to force change to get what you want. A few things I’ve noticed after just a month?

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but even with the 35 different social networks and messaging apps on the phone, its damn difficult to keep in touch with everyone back home. Bouncing intermittent emails and FB messages back and forth isn’t the same as a face to face over a beer or even a back and forth instant message convo. The delayed responses make for lagging discussions on recent events and the daily banter that really made me appreciate the wittiness and general slick talk of my crew.

London is insanely dope, don’t get it confused. Kicking it at the BAFTA headquarters with some film producers or jamming at SoHo house with some global liquor moguls can make you forget about the Queen Street club gauntlet for a night here and there but there are certain things missing.

For one, the food in Toronto that I used to complain about – I miss that filth. Before and after the bar, we had so many options back home that were delicious with big portions for my bottomless pit of a stomach. Out here, the food is just not popping. I’ve had a few good meals but overall, its fried until its flavorless and I order two of everything to get a full meal.

Secondly, London has some beautiful women (for real, for real) but there is nothing like those Canadian girls. I’m not sure if its because they smell like maple syrup or because they go nuts for summer after 8 months in hibernation but its only been 30 days and I miss my Canadian women. You ladies are a special breed and I can’t wait til I’m back home next to remember why.

Finally – the familiarity with everyday life (or whatever morsel I had left after living on the road most of the year already) is definitely a sore spot. Bouncing around so much when I knew I’d be landing back at the condo in Toronto in a few weeks made it easier. On the other side of the globe, it makes it a bit tougher for sure. The adventure makes up for it and keeps me busy but its more of a challenge to put together projects and get the right people in place for studio work/engineering/music.


If I could turn the clock back, would I do it any different? Hell no. This adventure is just starting and I’m going to make sure if and when I come back, I’m bringing an empire back to the motherland. This isn’t a vacation and the world is up for the taking. For years, I’ve told people that if you want the job of your dreams, whether its hosting on MTV or singing on stages for 20 000 people a night, you are going to have to learn to snatch it from the teeth of 10 000 other people with the same dream. Whether that means waking up earlier and practicing harder or literally taking leaps of faith, without sacrifice there is no gain.

Without a doubt, I expect to look back at this post in a few years time and laugh. Was a thirty day anniversary worth a post? Do I really miss 416 Snackbar that much? Does Canadian beer taste that much better?

‘They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.’ – A. Warhol

Remember – nobody flies without jumping out of the plane first and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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