Sandler is Here to Save the World!

Nobody has ever accused Adam Sandler of being a carbon copy action here before because, to be brutally honest, he is the furthest thing from it. With less bulging biceps and more of a bulging waistline in his infamous dad jeans, the Happy Gilmore star will try to forever alter that perception this summer. Stop me if you’ve heard this one – PIXELS plots Sandler and longtime co-conspirator Kevin James against aliens who have sent videogame characters down to Earth for war. Sounds dope, right?

The trailer comes across like a new-age Ghostbusters, replete with a bunch of atypical hero’s cast from comedies upper echelon. The parallels don’t stop there, as the action-comedy packs a giant Pacman as the arch villain with similarities to the Marshmallow Man of the 80’s. Flip your phone on silent and leave your sidechick chasing voicemails in favour of some Laffy Taffy and a Dutch – this shit is going to be epic.


Besides all that, Toronto had the privilege of hosting Sandler’s ratpack crew last summer. Besides shooting hoops at the Raptors practice facility and soaking in some local stroller derby action, the Sandman was reportedly looking to sign some local rappers while in town – syke. We’re hoping he is done with the music portion of his career and sticking to making hilarious movies.

Sandler Stroller

With any luck, we’ll get a legendary theme song to go along with summer 2015’s blockbuster.

And if you’re interested, here is the original PIXELS via Machinima

Remember – finish every rep in your set with good form and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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