In a growing trend towards cultural sensitivities, another giant North American music festival has taken a proactive approach to creating a harmonious environment for their patrons. Osheaga Music Festival, live from Montreal, has banned the wearing of First Nations headdresses at their event. While white girls across North America sulk and scramble to find their next culturally appropriated costume in time for the July 31-Aug 3 festival, the rest of the world breathed a sigh of relief.

Similar to selfie sticks and general asshole behaviour, banning culturally demeaning attire at a festival might seem like a small step in social responsibility but the reality is that the misuse of a scared First Nations artifact should never have been overlooked. With a rich history in the communities, headdresses were presented as badges of honor and bestow a status and respect upon their adopters. Sadly, thanks to videos like thisthis from David Guetta, girls overdosing on M and drunken suburbanites puking all over themselves turned the symbolic accessory into a party costume.

Evenko, the Quebec based promoter, took a firm stance to protect an invaluable community to the founding and development of many cities across North America. Other festivals have followed suit, including Glastonbury, Ile Soniq and more. The Evenko Facebook page kindly asked patrons to respect their forefathers, stating “The First Nations Headdresses have a spiritual and cultural meaning in the native communities and to respect and honor their people, Osheaga asks fans and artists attending the festival to not use this symbol as a fashion accessory.”

Word the f*ck up. We all owe respect to the founding fathers of this land mass and can’t let stuff like this slide. Let’s hope these kids don’t get any funny ideas about clerical collars or dream catchers anytime soon.

Remember – look both ways before you cross the street and no matter where you travel, don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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