One Year Anniversary

It was a short year ago that I had my first life-changing experience. Sure, I had been through tons of positive and negative events in the years prior, but this one was different. This time I knew that things would be different moving forward – forever.


A healthy lifestyle decision led me to the basketball court on a Friday night, a mere month after the party season of birthdays (my own included) and Christmas holiday parties had me over-indulging for weeks on end. It was the safe decision; a healthy choice to run full court, baseline to baseline and sweat out some of the excess. You can read the full entry here but this post is less about the night of the accident and more about how my life has changed since.

The weeks following the incident changed who I was as a person. I couldn’t sleep properly, I had a consistent headache, my regular activity was drastically adjusted to accommodate for the incessant migraines, back and neck pain and problems seeing. I couldn’t focus on subjects, I would mumble about the same shit in repetition and I had no clue. My friends were amazing (ahhhhh-mazing) and checked in on me regularly while holding the torch (aka the Goose bottles with the sparklers in the clubs in my absence).


As the months stretched on and the symptoms didn’t go away, I began to get worried. I still had trouble driving (any sort of lights at night seemed explosively bright on my retinas and would worsen the ever-present headaches), I couldn’t listen to new beats or work on music (writing tracks is always easier when you can crank it and get into the vibe) and worse yet – I couldn’t exert any kind of physical effort without searing agony. Countless nights huffing the vapo (shout-out Pax though, such a clutch part) and self-medicating were adding up and I stared feeling less and less like myself.

Feeling sorry for myself got old quickly and one morning, I flipped a switch and became determined to get over the neck and back pain as well as the post concussion syndromes. I began to read voraciously on health and consulting with a great personal trainer about exercises that I could run without triggering the symptoms. Eating healthy, eliminating most of my bad consumption habits (c’mon, I’m only human) and getting back into the gym with light training would be the start of the rest of my life.

Soon, I regained much of my mobility and was able to ignore most of the lingering symptoms. The back pain was alleviated by regular deep tissue massages and a revolutionary mix of acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) loosened up my neck muscles that had snapped as tight as a guitar string during the accident. Within weeks, I was smashing it in the gym, full of energy and focused on getting back to my antics. I was mostly present for my sister’s wedding, got to travel around Europe (salute nHow hotel for putting me up on the wall between Flava Flav and Skylar Grey) with an amazing crew of friends, filmed a crazy smash hit video (Avion) and remembered why I fell in love with this music game in the first place.


Through the entire journey, I learned lots about the people around me as well as myself. Sometimes you have to take a few lumps before you can appreciate the glory of just waking up every single day without the pain. I was lucky to have all of my movement, brain functions and family/friends back within a year of the accident and looking forward into 2014, I keep that at the front of my mind every day. The same people who helped me along the way have a never-ending supply of favors from me – for connections, elbow grease, advice, ANYTHING. The people who faded into the background because we weren’t out there popping bottles and living that other life – thank you for the transparency (I mean that). No hard feelings but don’t be confused why you aren’t around for the champagne at the end of 2014.


The new album came out in Decmeber of 2013 and we had a hell of a press run (Naked News, MTV, The Examiner etc) to launch. I’m not taking any days off or for granted this time. I’m already working on new projects for the year and committed to making sure I live every hour, minute, second and instant of this life as #THORO as possible. Are you with me?

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