Classified Remakes “Oh Canada”

The Constitution Act of July 1st, 1867 was many eons ago but signified the joining of three colonies into one, glorious nation called Canada. Aside from inventing basketball, Bieber and the alkaline batteries that powered the globe around for decades, we’ve also produced countless generations of flag bearing patriots. Bred from a mixture of poutine and Molson Canadian on the East Coast, Classified doesn’t let any July 1st pass without throwing his name into the mix with his national anthem sampling “Oh Canada.”

A surefire method of keeping your name afloat for years, Class knew exactly what he was doing as he took to the streets of Nova Scotia, on the East Coast of Canada, calling out hundreds of fans dressed in red and white to sing along. While the song and video enjoyed ample mainstream success, across radio and television respectively, the record continues to live on annually through days like today, eh?

Whether your sandwich is stacked with Canadian bacon, you have Aubrey Graham in your iPhone or your family has a direct lineage to the original settlers, take some time today to take off that Blue Jays fitted and sing along to a Canadian classic.

Happy Birthday Canadia!

For those who need to bone up on Canadian history and those who just want to laugh hysterically at the propaganda of our government, check the short vignettes below that paint Canucks as some hooting and hollering inventors and diplomats without pink Range Rovers. Start with the OVO remix and keep clicking.

Remember – incognito your browser if you’re beefing with the woman and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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