The new album is finally here, produced entirely by Big Pops.

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The Hip Hop Manager ‘95’ Game


There is never a minute to waste in a ‘hurry up and wait’ lifestyle. Rush to the airport so that you can sweat through security and fall asleep at the terminal for three hours. Arrive early for that fade in the neighbourhood barber shop and you’ll be guaranteed to earn yourself a lengthly conversation about the weeks news before you can sit in front of the mirror to get clipped. Finally, there is a game to help burn those hours in a (somewhat) productive fashion while staying true to your roots in the music game. Ladies and gentlemen, Hip Hop Manager ‘95 has arrived. 

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HMV Shutters Canadian Stores

“If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”

Set a 12-year old Spektz free in the mall back in 1998 and the bus ride home is going to be loud. We’re talking about an XL slushy worth of sugar scorching through my veins as I skateboarded through the neighborhood with a backpack full of fun. At that point in my life, the only attraction to a retail center like a mall was the music and the food. With news that HMV was going to be closing 102 stores across Canada, it feels like there is a new generation that will lose out on the experience of exploring music outside of their homes.

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Troy Carter’s Been 2 Too Much

Imagine making the transition from delivering flyers in West Philly to becoming one of the first investors in one of the most disruptive companies to ever shake the world up. Now, picture going from being a rapper on the block to repeatedly identifying once-in-a-generation talent and shepherding them onto the biggest and brightest stages in the world. This may sound crazy but the life of Troy Carter has been anything but normal. 

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Tidal Stays Surfing the Wave

News broke this afternoon that less than two years after acquiring the Aspiro streaming service for a reported $56MM, putting his artists friends on the team and renaming it Tidal, Jay has already made himself a pretty penny. The American telecom provider Sprint swooped in this week to purchase 33% of the company for a reported $200MM which puts Jay in close proximity to a $150MM profit with 66% retained ownership. Somewhere in Marcy, Memph Bleek is cackling with five fingers wrapped around the neck of a bottle of D’usse as he listens to “Diamonds.” Continue reading

A Great Day In The 6ix

From Einstein to Epworth and from Quincy Jones to Elon Musk, the world’s greatest minds have always studied the past to inform the paths they would forge for the future. As an emerging power in the increasingly connected global entertainment scene, Toronto stands alone as the sole city with enough infrastructure and history to lay claim to the title of Canada’s entertainment capital. For a single moment in time entitled ‘Great Day in the 6ix’, the city came together to represent the past, present and future of the scene and create a time capsule for future generations to study. 

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Tory Lanez Traces His Way to the Top

Somewhere between the confrontational interviews, the hit records, and his relentless touring schedule, Tory Lanez found enough time to record an album and tip his hat to the haters in the rearview while while whispering into the wind “I Told You.” The 14 tracks are almost all new and have zero features, instead leaning on notable producers for that magic touch. Continue reading


It’s been almost three years since Drake released an official album. It was around the same time that Robin Thicke was relevant, Bey was headlining the Super Bowl and Justin Bieber was still public enemy numero uno. Soak that in then consider how drastically the consumer landscape has shifted since Nothing Was The Same dropped. But now we’re in 2016 and Drake’s Views has become the barometer for the marketing and release of an album – before it has even been released. Continue reading

A Guide To Blazing With Curren$y

Forget twenty minutes past four, every day gives cause to celebrating the sweet nectar of the concrete jungle. Nobody is more familiar with the daily ritual than New Orleans spitter Curren$y, who has built a career off indica-tinted bass and burnt out bars. From the instant your Spidey Sense goes off as a reminder that it’s time to dial that magic number, all the way to the 7-Eleven trip a few hours later to restock on Doritos, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading

Complex Sells To Verizon x Hearst

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man…” What started as a clothing brand then a digital magazine has now grown into a digital network so strong that some of the world’s largest brands are thirsting for a taste. Telecom-giant Verizon and reformed-magazine publisher magnate Hearst Corp have agreed to purchase Marc Ecko’s Complex Media under their new partnership banner Verizon Hearst Media partners. The deal represents a huge Continue reading