NBS Bring The L’Ouvre to The Hood

At some point in time, music videos became formulaic. Late model car, oiled up flesh bouncing in slow motion, bottles of champagne and the occasional performance shot had every Razr in America chirping a 106 and Park anthem. When three of the most technically proficient artists in Canada get together to drop a collabo project though, bet your last dollar their videos will be anything but predictable. Returning to last year’s criminally slept-on self titled album, the trio put RT! behind the lens and took it to “Jameson Ave” for the dopest video so far this year.

Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb and Tona are all twisted, psychotic rappers with a penchant for whiskey, neck-rattling bass and psychedelic visuals. The Baroque-themed video sees the verses come to life in a skewed reality, mixing framed paintings with slight animations in a perfect lucid combination. RT! Says, “The video is a tribute to wild nightlife, where memories are like messy dreams. The imagery is based on the Baroque era of classical painting that mythologized larger-than-life figures and events, and didn’t shy away from showing debauchery, violence, and sex.” Newly deceased ex-mayor Rob Ford even makes a cameo in front of airborne, charbroiled police vehicles. By the time Tona gets into his third verse, half the liquor cabinet should already be empty.

“Motherf***er – what up blood? What up cuz?
Mix the Hennessy with the Sprite, yo, we call that shit Tiger Blood.”

What’s not to love?

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