London, UK

It’s a long way from home inn’it?

I recently had the pleasure of spending most of April across the pond in London, England. Beyond the countless meals of fish and chips, the beautiful women at every turn and the night life that destroyed my Nike’s, what happened on the trip will definitely have a permanent impact on my life as I knew it.

For starters, the people I connected with were all #THOROBREDZ in the illest sense. Not only were they out there dream chasing and knocking down doors but they welcomed a foreign Canadian into their country and lives without any hesitation. Moving forward, we are definitely going to be doing a ton of work out in Europe and I am going to make sure my new amigos on that side of the world can come and check out the North American market in return.

The music scene in London is one of a kind. One of the first nights out, we checked out the Seun Kuti show at a dope venue called Village Underground. Big salute to my guy Glenn Maxx for arranging everything and Seun and his crew for putting on an insane show. It was crazy to see everyone from 18-70 years old rocking out to the live band and definitely a contrast to most of the live music events in North America where you get a specific age range and anyone outside of that looks out of place. Chalk it up to a well curated space with a talented artist and a worldly city who knows how to party.

One of the homeys I connected with is the legendary Ben Grove from Manchester (MADCHESTER WHAT’S UP!). Not only is Ben an insane pro skater and sharp hustler, but he’s a wicked friend who connected the dots for some brilliant opportunities. His skate brand Zukie is ill and the autograph signing at the big Selfridges (if you know Europe, you know this is a huge deal). The lil skaters were lined up around the mall to snap a pic with him and the event was off the hook! If you don’t know Ben, do your homework because The Grove will cook you a Sunday feast, steal your girlfriend, shred your city to pieces then offer you a cup of tea with a smile on his face. Don’t mess with Manchester. Oh – and shout out MC Bic who put me up for a few nights and showed us a good time.

With the good times rolling, it was tough to get back on the plane for North America but I can definitely say the friends, business opportunities and events we have coming up for UK are going to be legendary.

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