LA Don’t Play

LA does not play games – if I D’usse so myself…

What a week. With the King of the Dot crew throwing a big event out there for the end of April (shout-out Lush, Aspect One, Sporty, Smokey and the whole West West crew), we had to be on our toes to get it popping. I worked with the big homey at Roc Nation to make sure we had a bottomless supply of drinks for the crew and our guests and everything was set to pop!

Flying over right after the big rip in UK, I ended up at LAX at 11pm PST, which means it was 7am where I had been living for the rest of April. Apart from being deliriously exhausted via the late nights in Europe, this was my first real taste of jet lag. As I have explained to some friends, until now I didn’t believe jet lag was real and it could not affect me. Jumping time zones will mess your head up QUICKLY. I won’t make that same mistake twice.

Heading over to Los Globos in Silverlake, the Vendetta 2: REDEMPTION jam was already popping. With a lineup down the block for last minute tickets, the KOTD crew delivered in a big way. Guests at the event included Method Man, Sticky Fingaz and even Jin from back in the day. Everyone came out to show love and the fans was losing their minds damn near every 30 seconds. With a sell out crowd in attendance, the event went off without a hitch.

There was so much D’usse cognac on deck that I can’t even remember how the night ended. Thankfully, a kind citizen in the city of angels made sure I checked into the hotel and got a good night sleep. The rest of the trip was about to start and with some big meetings on deck, I needed to get my head right with some Roscoe’s with my girl Renee. You can never go wrong with chicken and waffles and with the right company, its even better.


Before checking in at Hilton LAX (shout-out the bar staff who kept me hydrated for the week and appreciate the shoe game – your kicks are in the mail!), I made friends with a dope blue nose pitty in the lobby. Once my life calms down a bit, I need to get a pup and after chilling with this little guy, I’m betting it ends up being a blue nose!

One thing I noticed is the pace of the grind out here. The label meetings were so casual that it felt like we were kicking it with old friends. Everybody is way more relaxed and the atmosphere is super mellow, even with the potential for a big deal on the table. The SoHo House provided a few great opportunities and contacts (shout out Miss Jamaica and the big homey Foox) and even in there, big moves get made with the utmost nonchalance. It always surprises me even when I’m expecting it.

Looking back on the West Coast swing from the icy confines of Toronto in May (Mother Nature what’s up? Can we catch a break North of the 49th please?) I’m going to make sure I plan for more time out there in the coming months. With so much entertainment marketing on deck, it only makes sense to invest more energy into that market. Its easy to forget that the entire population of Canada (just over 30MM people) exists in that one state so even if you are killing it on a regional level, you are still doing it big.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Talk later.

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