I Still Bleed Red

The Raptors are my team. All day, all night. It doesn’t matter that I’m in a timezone so far away that the pregame starts when my eyelids are already 15 pounds and it definitely doesn’t matter that I can’t be there in person to heckle the Cavs, Knicks and Turkgolu when they hit the ACC in person. It does matter that I can’t watch the games with my crew and here is where it gets interesting.

As the only basketball team in the NBA in Canada, there isn’t much choice when it comes to allegiances. Granted, Big Country Reevees and Shareef did provide us with atleast one season to get confused by where we would show support but in the here and now, the Raps are the only ticket worth paying for. Beyond that, basketball is growing faster than hockey in the great White North and with so many young, Canadian athletes opting to spend their time dribbling and practicing their game in the post, it will only be a matter of time before we land back to back #1 picks in the NBA draft … OH WAIT.

There are a few reasons I’m excited to be posting about the Raps and disappointed to not be home enjoying the games firsthand. Firstly, they have been my team since 20 years ago when they started off. Before I was old enough to watch a PG13 movie, I was a fiend for basketball. Bringing a team to Toronto was only adding gasoline to the fire and I have been a loyal follower from Mighty Mouse to the Young Gunz. Beyond that, we finally have a strong returning core. It felt like for the last two decades, we blew up our roster every year to start a “rebuilding” process that never happened. Not anymore – we have a crew of young hustlers who work hard, put on a show and have the potential to make waves in the post season. Finally, we have an official True Thorobredz legend as a coach. Dwayne Casey is a drill sergeant beast who has molded a crew of kids into a cohesive unit.


I’m back in the 416 for a few weeks in December and I can’t wait to get back to an NBA game. You will definitely catch me at the ACC and out enjoying some of Toronto’s finest sports bars with the Raps games on deck. If anyone wants to cop me some tickets for my birthday (Dec 9), I’ll bring you along and we can tear it up in style.

#WeTheNorth baby – even during away games.

Remember – practice makes perfect and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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