I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)

I listen to music all day, everyday. Not in a rap-interview “All day, every day,” way, but literally a “If-I’m-Awake-There-Is-Music-Playing.” My friends will tell you that 90% of the tracks I play in my car are greeted with “Ooooh this one is my jam,” because I listen to it on loop for hours if its a hot track or reminds me of a dope time in my life.

If you browse through my MOST PLAYED list in iTunes, no doubt you will see a crazy mix of throwback Hip-Hop, R&B, Drum & Bass, Rock, Blues and even Electro tracks and many of them will have ungodly Play Counts on them. I’m not a math scientist but hearing INK MY WHOLE BODY over 2000 times is a pretty good way to burn 93 hours of your time. But what about the times when iTunes isn’t tracking my listening? Enter Jay-Z.

The first time you hear I JUST WANNA LOVE U, your life becomes unequivocally better, for good. There is something about the way the beat slaps, whether you are in a car, your residence room, at a bar mitzvah or swinging off the chandelier at a club you snuck into, that lets you know that what you are listening to is a “moment.”

I can remember all kinds of First-Time moments with this track as the soundtrack, so finding out that it almost didn’t exist was a huge shock. Listen to Lenny S. tell it and not only was the biggest hit of Jay’s young career launched in the 11th hour, but Jay had Lyor Cohen cancelling 300 rented cars and an entire Parking Lot Pimping shoot to bet on this track as a lead single. Almost 15 years later and the track still has the same effect on everyone, from the 12 year olds born after it was released to the grandma’s trying to boogie at the wedding reception. Certified dope – soak it in.

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