I Ain’t Addicted – I’m Committed.

Wiz has come a long way. A long damn way. Back in the era of 5XL tees and pinwheel caps (2008), nobody held the ignorant dresscode torch as proudly as the 140 pound 6 footer. Before the days that it took a search team to find an empty space on his skin for some new ink, he was still that Piffsburgh MVP with an ear for dope beats and amazing hooks. Not to slight the Wiz 2.0 we are seeing these days (because if Blacc Hollywood is a classic to a new fan today – enjoy), but the majority of his early fans can’t even stomach the music coming out today.

When the record starts, EZ Wider (Wiz’s alias for his pitch-skewed host in the early mixtape days) sets the mood off proper. Early contributor (and a fundamental part of Wiz’s development) Johnny Juliano mans the boards and the second the beat drops, you damn well better move something. It’s not exactly the second-coming of iLLmatic but if you throw this record on at the club or at a party, the vibe is going to pop.

That being said, INK MY WHOLE BODY has a special place in my memory. Sadly, because of my luck in finding the Repeat-1-Track button on iTunes, it has also burned its way into the memories of 99% of my friends for the same reason.

My household has always been a welcoming one. My parents put on some dope parties, my older sisters did the same and as a direct lineage from these influential figures, I always welcomed people to come through and have a good time – no questions asked. With some cold music, good vibes and most importantly, some big speakers, any somber night with friends can turn into a wild one. We used to prep for a night out with drinks at the crib and on any given evening, you would find an assortment of friends, friends’ friends and uninvited but always welcome neighbours sauntering the halls around our Yonge and Eglinton apartment (shout-out the 66 Crew – love you fools). With a neighbourhood full of young people, the parties grew with new faces and vibes every week.

One constant remained the same; when it was time to lock up and hit the party/club/nightlife, INK MY WHOLE BODY was cued up. The speakers salivated as the iTunes search bar filled out with ‘Wiz Ink My Whole’ and people knew it was coming. The only problem was Cassidy. Oh, you remember Cass? His record DRINK AND MY 2 STEP was produced by Swizz Beats (shout-out Swizzy). This presented an interesting problem because if it weren’t for that DRINK AND 2 STEP record, finding the Wiz track would be alot easier after 5 drinks.


If we told you it was time to go, the INK MY WHOLE BODY intro was about to blast at incomprehensible levels. Clocking in at 2:31 on the Star Power mixtape, it usually took 2 spins to get a party out of my house but two spins also gave you damn near 5 minutes on the dot to finish your drink, throw a Hail Mary Hook-up pass to the cute girl you were leaning on all night, slide your Jordan’s/Timberlands on and get the fuck out of the house with a smile and an open mind for the night.


Listening back to the record in 2014, I’m now on the other side of the world and 2008 seems a long way in the past. Countless pre-parties have ended with this record and sitting in the crib across the Atlantic Ocean from some of my best friends, I know for a fact that before we rip out to the clubs this weekend, INK MY WHOLE BODY is going to piss off a few of my new neighbours.


Remember – day or night you gotta rep YOU right, and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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