The Hip Hop Manager ‘95’ Game


There is never a minute to waste in a ‘hurry up and wait’ lifestyle. Rush to the airport so that you can sweat through security and fall asleep at the terminal for three hours. Arrive early for that fade in the neighbourhood barber shop and you’ll be guaranteed to earn yourself a lengthly conversation about the weeks news before you can sit in front of the mirror to get clipped. Finally, there is a game to help burn those hours in a (somewhat) productive fashion while staying true to your roots in the music game. Ladies and gentlemen, Hip Hop Manager ‘95 has arrived. 


From Pac and Biggie to Mos Def and Method Man, this card game is practically a Rolodex of the who’s-who in ‘90s hip-hop. The illustrations are dope and while the ratings for Flow, Rhymes and Voice are admittedly subjective, they still provide a solid baseline for the game to be played. The cards are printed on thick stock and laminated so you can spill as much Hennessy as you want on them and they will live to see another roadtrip.

Inside the box, you get the 54 cards composed mostly of MCs, DJs and producers. These are broken down into three categories: 1.) Fighters, 2.) Thinkers and 3.) Jokers. Following that, there are four legendary producers and six DJ’s from the era. The only other cards (marked as Event cards) serve as the Chance/Community Chest of the game.

It isn’t easy but the goal of each game is to drop a single then release your album before the other players. In order to do that, you need a DJ, producer and one of each type of MC in your hand. Seems simple, right? Not so quick.

Each turn, you’re allowed to battle anyone that you pick, provided you have a DJ card. You compete based on one of the MC categories — Flow, Rhymes, Voice — and the loser gives up one of their cards to the winner. This quickly devolves into a turf war, more drinks get poured and before you know it, people are crashing through the coffee table to resolve the dispute over whether Flavor Flav deserves to be ranked beneath KRS in all categories.


This isn’t a game with the same polish as Call of Duty or Def Jam Vendetta but for a pack of cards with some of our real life superheroes on them, it’s pretty f*****g amazing.


Next time you’ve got a bit of time to kill, grab Hip Hop Manager ‘95, gut a Swisher and relive the glory of the 90’s. Who told you the East / West Coast wars were dead? They just moved over to the card table.

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