A Guide To Blazing With Curren$y

Forget twenty minutes past four, every day gives cause to celebrating the sweet nectar of the concrete jungle. Nobody is more familiar with the daily ritual than New Orleans spitter Curren$y, who has built a career off indica-tinted bass and burnt out bars. From the instant your Spidey Sense goes off as a reminder that it’s time to dial that magic number, all the way to the 7-Eleven trip a few hours later to restock on Doritos, I’ve got you covered.

Time to Dial Mr. Nice Guy: “Michael Knight”

When it’s time to chief and the jar is all the way empty, the human brain has a way of sending a reminder even if you’re in another part of the city. The beeps, blips and bars on “Michael Knight” might not be as alarming as a fire truck siren, but it’s definitely a chilled out indication that the delivery man is about to get paid.

Got the Bag!: “This Is the Life”

Walking out of a den relegated to narcotic sales is always a shaky maneuver. Yet when that musk seeps through the ziplock as you leave, the strut goes into slow motion. Let Curren$y’s celebratory anthem blast from the trunk as you stroll to the whip while your friends anticipate the arrival of this afternoon’s elixir.

Rolling Up: “MARY”

It’s no small victory to get back to the spot and break down that 1/8th nug on the coffee table with the speakers ablaze. A ritualistic soundtrack is always required and what could be better than angels chanting along to “Mary, mary mary” right before take-off. Low key, this could be one of the dopest Curren$y joints in his immense catalogue.

Smoking Process: “Hennessy Beach”

Spitta kicks his verse off by warning against drinking and driving, but make no mistake, this jam is built to bun it down. As soon as the horns kick in, the smoke drifting towards the solar system starts to look like it’s Milly Rocking to moombathon and you’ll be floating beside it shortly.

Let That High Kick: “Fat Raps”

One of the hardest records Shante has ever done featured two burgeoning mixtape stars from the Mid Mid and helped launch all artists into strong spots. Sean proved he wasn’t always Medium on this cut. Then Spitta talks about keeping shoe boxes in the whip so his bird could see them. That’s the most honest stunting we’ve heard in the last decade. Try not to crash the whip as you bend corners banging your head to this one with a Backwood on your lip.

Munchies: “Chilled Coughee”

After a Backwood or three, the mix of pasties and growling stomachs is enough to derail any itinerary. On the way to find that fix, why not pour up a glass of “Chilled Coughee” and find that to-go plate from a down ass chick.

“Approach the closed door, it crack open before my eyes
Shorty with a doobie of her own — I am not surprised
Cause I don’t kick it on the low, with no bitches that don’t get high”
Wrap me a to-go plate and ask if I want her to drive”

Burn Out: “Seat Change”

We’ve all been there. The ashtray no longer has trails of vapor emanating from the embers and it’s almost time to call it a night. Almost. Before the curtain call, grab a second wind with “Seat Change.” Then tumble through a few more rounds of Call of Duty with Uncle Snoop and NOLA’s Iron Lung.

Nap Time: “Rolling Up”

As the last of the smoke dissipates and the volume gets a bit lower, the end of the session is near. There might not be a better herbal chemistry in the game than Wiz and Curren$y and with the two “Rollin’ Up” nonstop, bet that there’s time for a little weed nap. Throw this on infinite loop and zone out to the “Way up high” sample from The Jaggerz while the sheep start floating over your head.

Happy April 20th, folks.

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