A Great Day In The 6ix

From Einstein to Epworth and from Quincy Jones to Elon Musk, the world’s greatest minds have always studied the past to inform the paths they would forge for the future. As an emerging power in the increasingly connected global entertainment scene, Toronto stands alone as the sole city with enough infrastructure and history to lay claim to the title of Canada’s entertainment capital. For a single moment in time entitled ‘Great Day in the 6ix’, the city came together to represent the past, present and future of the scene and create a time capsule for future generations to study. 

The current global wave has been spearheaded by the meteoric rise of the Owl Gang but long before it was cool to strictly care about commas and the city that you’re from, there were an elite few artists, DJ’s and personalities pushing the frontiers of what was possible as a Toronto music head. Even today, with people from all corners of the globe investigating the Toronto scene from afar and up close, the challenge of creating a self-supporting music ecosystem has been difficult.


Despite, or potentially because of these struggles, a certain breed of artist emerges from this city. They’ve had some amazing moments performing on festival stages with the largest artists in the world but feel just as familiar shutting down El Mocambo or the Mod Club for a few hundred Canucks that stink like herb and Labatt Blue. Years of the Canadian tour circuit have hardened their expectations as talent and when they take their talents outside of the city, they realize the massive spectrum of opportunity outside of their own city.

Everyone from Skratch Bastid, who has worked his way from DJ’ing East Coast bashments to headlining all over the world, to Raz Fresco, who spit an endless supply of scorching bars for the last decade on his way to signing with Duck Down, pulled together to represent for the city. Some of the most important figures in the birth of the scene, like DJ X (Adrien King) and DJ Power, got to politic with emerging superstar producers like Young Wolf Hatchlings (who notched their first Billboard #1 last year by producing Uma Thurman for Fall Out Boy) and chat about the fundamentals that helped to kickstart a movement that has given us everything from PartyNextDoor to Francesco Yates.

For one moment, artists from all different sides of the map put aside their differences, paused their schedules and put a stake in the ground. August 21st, 2015 was #AGreatDayInThe6ix

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