Every Thumb Is Not The Same Size

Put your thumb in the air and have everyone in the room with you, on the bus beside you or in the classroom you are in right now to do the same. Take a good look around – what do you see? No two thumbs are the same size or shape. Not even close. But beyond the physical elements, contours and sizes of our digits, what I’m really getting at is in an entirely different galaxy.

The power of a Like, Share or Retweet has never been stronger. Recommendations from our friends mean more than any TV commercial, billboard or magazine ad ever could and its only getting more skewed as our eyeballs become bombarded with more advertising. Until recently, when I thought about the number of times people click Like on a story, project or photo, I considered it lending their support. Now, with the dilution of opportunities to Like things, I realize that no thumb is the same size. Does a Like mean they would tell their friends about the project? Would they support it on iTunes? Purchase a ticket to come out for the show? Is it merely admission that they saw the content on their phone amidst the flurry of 200 other stories about kitten memes and Worldstar videos?

With my birthday approaching, I decided to experiment on this theory. A year ago to the day, I released the ACADEMIC PROBATION LP. It contained 11 records, 6 videos for MuchMusic/MTV, 7 singles (of which four hit Top 5 on US college) and archived most of my life up until that point. The opportunity is afforded me to travel and see new places, meet news fans and experience new things was unprecedented. For my birthday in 2014, I wanted to release the project as a gift for everyone to download (at no charge – just Share it if you like it) to show my appreciation. If you enjoy the records, go beyond clicking Like and try clicking Share. Let’s see how many people are willing to trade a recommendation in lieu of a birthday message and spread quality Canadian artist’s products!

In the spirit of Sharing great projects, I’ve also included the links to some of my favourite Canadian music from 2014 below (click images for content).

Academic Probation Animation
(iTunes Version)

Thanks for your continued support.

Remember – blood is thicker than water and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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