Escalators (Terry Richardson)

A little while back, during a crazy productive trip to NYC, I connected some of my homeys together in a studio to make a little magic. The resulting record pulled inspiration from a dozen musical inspirations from across the world and turned into something so different from the music we hear everyday that it almost escapes words.

‘Escalators (Terry Richardson)’ is the kind of song that you can’t forget. Not because you’re singing it all day (it would be hard to keep up with Harlem’s own Slim Dollars on the flow) but because the beat and melodies are so infectious that they tattoo themselves into your ear drums. With the Young Wolf Hatchlings (YWH) on production, the record came together in the most organic fashion possible – a bunch of young, talented musicians creating some dope music on a hot ass summer night. We hammered this out in Stadium Red in NYC in under 2 hours with the help of some of the Tripset crew who stopped in to make sure we were pumping out some heat in the studio.

A few weeks later, we were out in LA shooting a video for the song. Riding in the droptop in Cali heat with some support from our sponsors (shout-out Dope, Supra and Koalee), we brought director Sean Litteljohn into the fold to make sure every second of antics was documented. He brought along some insane Hollywood talent, a RED cam (shooting in 5K is NO JOKE for real) and some extra-curriculars from Cali’s finest.

We had to shoot some clean-up scenes in Toronto but with all of the beautiful women back home, it wasn’t difficult as producer on that one. The video will be dropping soon and believe me – you are going to be hearing it non stop.

Had to snipe a copy of the text Young Wolf Waqaas sent me the night before the Toronto shoot talking about the props he picked up. These guys are hilarious and genuinely amazing people and you know that all the positivity is going to attract nothing but success.

The YWH are smashing it right now so get familiar before your hipster friends try to claim they were into them before you ever heard the name. After producing ‘Uma Thurman’ on the Billboard #1 album from Fall Out Boy, they are gearing up to drop their own single in a few weeks entitled ‘You Lovely You’. The video for that is CRAZY too so expect to hear lots of that. Slim is dropping his new project UNDERGROUND JESUS in a few weeks too and the records are crazy. These guys are all going to drop smashes in 2015!

Quick drop from London,
Peace – love and happy pancake day.


Remember – represent that true North strong and free and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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