Entourage Is Finally Back…

Once described by my friends the show where Ari gets mad, E gets dumped, Turtle gets high and Vince gets laid, Entourage is back with their first official trailer for the upcoming movie. June 5th isn’t all that far away but with production wrapped and music supervisor extraordinaire Scott Vener calling in last minute music on Twitter last night, the hype is definitely ramping up.

While some of the homeys were critical of the initial peek we received in December, there is an obvious sense of nostalgia associated with the show. As it grew from a cult classic into a primetime behemoth, the characters storylines became diluted to appease the masses. The film offers the opportunity to take the familiar characters into a bit more depth than the lowest common denominators, although only time will tell if they choose to accept the challenge.

Boasting features from TI, Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, Russell Westbrook, Ronda Rousey, David Spade, Warren Buffet, Kelsey Grammar and of course, Wahlberg and his boys, the movie’s rollout is sure to be a star studded affair. Catch teasers, storyline hints, behind the scenes shots and other related drama trickling into your social feeds over the coming weeks. Will you be in the theatre in June to catch-up with the homeys?

Remember – keep your pencils sharp and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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