What were you doing the year Nas’ Stillmatic, Jay’s Blueprint and Cormega’s The Realness dropped? It was 2001 and we definitely did not have Facebook and Twitter consuming 75% of our waking hours. I was recording music, knocking holes in the basement walls, skateboarding all over the city breaking things and acting like a shit disturbing youth. It started with a computer mic and an infinite amount of teenage rage, then took on a new form when a school project gave me access to editing software and I’ve been recording music for well over 10 years now.

In university I met one of my best friends (and still to this day) named Mada, who lived with a producer named Gee Wiz (now known as Big Boy Gibbs and running the successful Cakeshop club series in Seoul Korea). We spent countless hours writing, recording, mixing and most importantly – partying as a crew. These days would serve as the launch of the True Thorobredz crew and eventually the label through promoting parties, putting out clothing, finding our sound and building friendships with other people in entertainment.

Throwback Thursday Aspektz

The track below is representative of a much simpler time in my life. Not only did we have 100% creative input into everything we were doing (we all had classes and professors leaning over our shoulder but they couldn’t get through to us once we figured out this music grind) but we also were able to speak from the perspective of the kid to whom everything was new. Every success, every bump, every notch on the belt, every bruise – the sensation was as articulated as it would ever be. Since then we’ve all been chasing the dragon…

With the Academic Probation album dropping next Tuesday, December 10th 2013, I wanted to put up a track from the vaults with the aforementioned characters. They contributed immensely to my development as a person, as an artist and as a man. Big salute to Big Boy Gibbs (although that is still Wiz to me by force of habit) and my brethren Prince Mada.

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