UK’s Bonkaz Is Back “On The Road”

The whirlwind year for Britain’s hottest new artist is gaining even more momentum. After owning the first quarter with his #MixtapeOfTheYear project, the 7 Side spitter has been getting front-row invites for fashion shows, dropping videos with Stormzy, collaborating with American artists like OG Maco and spending quality time with the 6 God himself. After relaxing in the limelight, it’s time to lock your doors tight because the singing rapper is officially “Back on the Road.”

Utilizing his strong harmonies on the hook and penchant for ruthless bars across the verses, Bonkz tears down any and all opposition standing in his path over the Jay Jay Musika beat. As Bonkaz drops nods to his doubters, artists talking about other people’s dirt and salutes the Six while bigging up his own turf, Ol’ School Bonkz is in full effect.

“Weed in my sock, teeth in my glock for my benefit
Same n***a posted up with Drizzy like we bredrins
Views from the 6 – I’ll show these n****s what the 7 is
And I’ve got a couple young n****s that are menacing
They don’t need peer pressure – they just need adrenaline
Come round BOP BOP bang bang on a Fekky ting
Bullet through your nose into your brain like ketamine

Dropped mixtape of the year and ain’t bettered it
Might drop number two just for the heck of it
I dare somebody to level it”

The year hasn’t been without hiccups for the grime rapper turned celebrity. If he can continue to drop big records and keep his takeover grinding along though, he should find himself echoing out of speakers across the map very shortly.

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