AVION (Official Video)

Wild raging parties and police swooping down on a video shoot? Of course. Boating across the Wakestock championship course with two beautiful women shaking their asses for us as we rip past 10 000 screaming fans watching from land? Naturally. Performing and dancing on top of a car with 40 of my closest friends as the roof collapses beneath us? Typical Saturday evening with the Thorobredz.

With MMVA-nominated Sean Litteljohn on board as Director (and myself producing and co-directing), we ended up putting together an insane video that literally jumped across five area codes and four cities. The number of close calls that we hurdled in making this video kept adding up but in the end, a video like this speaks for itself. Shout-out to all the sponsors involved in making this happen and don’t forget to grab the track off iTunes.

Oh yea – release party in your city soon! Hit us up at info@aspektz.com if you are interested in booking one! #AP4 en route!

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