Avion: Behind the Scenes

The AVION videoshoot swept across five area codes, four cities and three weekends with two major emergencies and one dope video coming to your screen shortly. With a giant wrap party that included a performance on (and the complete destruction of) a car downtown Toronto, the photos can only begin to do justice to the trail of carnage we left behind. Salute to everyone who rolled through for the party (Tona, Triple A, Courtney Uno, Brock McLaughlin, Lauren O’Neil and everyone I’m forgetting who helped us turn the neighbourhood up!) and karma will deal with the police who shut us down at the end. With AVION hitting radio across Canada this week and the video gearing up to launch, check out some of the photos and get ready to fly with us.

Aspektz Avion
Avion Smokeshow

Avion Shoot

Aspektz Triple A Avion

Aspektz Briol

Aspektz Cigar

Aspektz Avion Set

Sean Litteljohn Avion Set

Aspektz CN Tower

Aspektz Jeep Shot Avion

Avion Dance

Aspektz @ Avion

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