Arrested in LA…

It’s Sunday at 3 in the morning in Los Angeles. Technically, its Monday morning but we’d been driving around all afternoon on Sunday, April 20th and spent the last 5 hours overlapping our previous path through the Hollywood Hills in a blur so the details were hazy. The fine police officers of the West Coast have screeched into the hotel parking lot and put us all on the hood of the car, screaming commands to keep our hands where they can see them.  Let’s take it back from the start though.


The King of the Dot event on Saturday the 19th of April was insane.  Vendetta 2: Redemption (V2R).  The vibes were great, the venue held us down and we were feeling the West Coast love.  Organik, Gully and the KOTD crew put on a flawless event with some legendary battles from The Saurus, Bigg K, Aye Verb and Daylyt.  The next day, everyone wanted to tear up the city and celebrate 4/20 so we ended up cruising around in the hills, trying to find a specific look-out point to snap some photos and do the damn thing.  The crew was Organik, Gully and myself.  If you’ve ever been through the winding roads in the Hills, you know how tricky they are.  With hidden road entrances and hairpin turns every 200 feet, they are difficult to navigate in the afternoon and even more impossible once the sun sets.

After driving around until 230am, we decide its time to head back to the hotel for some rest.  As we drive across West Century Blvd in Inglewood (where all the hotels for LAX are), we are all losing power.  Gully is passed out in the back, ‘ganik has the radio on low and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  There is still a bit of sticky in the centre console, along with some grape Swisher’s (going to need a care pack from LA with these inside soon!).  No restaurants are serving and we are all ready to call it a night.


As we pull into the hotel parking lot and find our spot at the back, the cherries light up on the cop car that whipped in behind us.  We weren’t speeding , we weren’t smoking or driving erratically and we sure as hell weren’t in the area long enough to get caught up in anything (we had just come back from 45 mins away in the Hills!)  As we emerge from the car, the officers screamed at us to stay against the car. As they separated us and searched our pockets, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t a game.  They wouldn’t tell us what we had done, why we were being arrested or why we were being handcuffed in an Inglewood parking lot at 3am.  Having the brilliant idea to try and hide the dispensary bottle in my pockets, they removed everything from our cellphones to the jar and put it on full display at the front of the squad car.

At this point, I was sure we were about to catch a beat down or a free ride down to the station. I’ve been to the West Coast a handful of times but I have friends who live there and have been told on dozens of occasions that the biggest gang out there is the police force. These guys have crazy ammunition on them and have zero fucks to give. Whether its open alcohol, some sticky or a hat titled the wrong direction – they will do whatever they want and rationalize later.

Eventually, they stuffed all 3 of us into the back of one car and proceeded to search our car and to run our names through their system.  As 3 Canadians with identification, we figured this would be an easy process.  Thankfully, my government name was linked to a convicted serial murdered with a warrant out for his arrest.  The office laugher to himself at the coincidence as he ran the name.  “Luckily for you though, he’s black!”  The humour of the situation was lost on me. We still had no idea why we were cuffed and caged at 3am when we hadn’t so much as pulled a running stop at a red.


After 20 minutes of being pressed into the cage in the back of an LAPD car, they opened the doors and took the bracelets off us.  With our cell phones, wallets and that sweet, sweet Cali leaf sitting on the hood of the car, they told us to get the fuck out of there, saying “This isn’t the neighbourhood for you.” Debating whether or not to collect everything from the hood of the car or to leave behind the sweet smelling jar, we gathered it all up and trudged toward the hotel doors.

We didn’t get to the look out spot in Hollywood Hills.  We didn’t find an In-n-Out that would serve us on the way home to our impending arrest.  And thank god we didn’t end up in jail in Inglewood on 4/20.

Thank you LA.  See you soon.

Remember – white papers, never blunts – and don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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