AP4 – Back to Class (Mixed by DJ Ritz)

So much craziness has happened between AP3 and this project that I couldn’t even start to recount it. From trips to NYC to meet with the labels to my personal life, it has been an action-packed few months. I feel blessed to be able to put all the experiences and emotions together into a cohesive project like AP4. Needless to say, I am glad to be dropping another project for the True Thorobredz everywhere! This one comes mixed courtesy of the homey DJ Ritz and is definitely on another level. Put this in the car, on the gym playlist and in the pre-game for all your parties. If it doesn’t get you amped up, you need to check your pulse.

Aspektz & DJ Ritz - AP4 - Back to Class

AP4 - Aspektz & DJ Ritz - Back to Class (Back Tracklist)

AP4 – Aspektz & DJ Ritz – Back to Class (Back Tracklist)

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