It felt so good to be back in London… for atleast 24 hours. Sadly, I had to leave the mecca of fish and chips behind to run shotgun on Kevin Durant and Nike’s new #AllForTheGame tour. Without time to unpack, I just grabbed my duffle bags (shout to Herschel on the hookup – you’re global now Mikey!) and hit the airport.

We landed in Madrid and the heat was on already. KD’s in-store at the House of Hoops Madrid had an entire block sewed up with people. When he popped out onto the balcony for a quick interview, the Spanish fans lost it. KD is quickly becoming a global superstar without equal.

The next day, Easy Money proved why he was a one of a kind human being with the generosity to match. We rolled up to an unsuspecting fan’s apartment, snuck in past the buzzer at the door and put Kevin Durant in this kid’s living room in front of his family and some shuttering cameras. Lil Gus couldn’t even speak. As E$ signed all of the posters in his room, the kid was trembling with excitement but that wasn’t even the start. We loaded him into the van and took him all over Madrid to some skills clinics and the big tournament later that night.


Next up was Paris with the clique. As soon as I landed, I caught a Space Invader drop while waiting for my Uber and knew I would be in good hands within France. Even though it is mostly known for fashion, there is a huge street art scene and as the home of the Invader, I knew there would be some gems to uncover on some late night walks.


My hotel was pretty dope (shout to Lyric for upgrading me because of my French Canadian language skills) and the restaurants all over the neighbourhood were amazing. From the Marche des Enfants Rouge (a market full of local street food) to the bougie wine lounges all over the city, we enjoyed every minute of this city. Day two had KD wanting to get in touch with the best street ballers in the city so we brought him to the Pigalle courts without telling anyone. As he rolled up to the court, the kid playing in the middle of the day (they must not take school too seriously out there?) didn’t even flinch. Not only did he D up against KD but he damn near jumped onto E$’s broken foot while guarding him. The Nike heads were pretty nervous but KD finished him off in a one-on-one game and we hit the vans to do some shopping at CHMPS and the local spots.

Pigalle Courts

When we landed in Berlin, I knew it was going to be a movie. The fans in Germany are on some whole other shit and we also had a special surprise from the football (soccer) world for the kids. When KD rolled up to a street football court (tennis court renovated for soccer players), the kids were hyped. When Jerome Boateng rolled up 30 seconds later, the whole place blew up. With both of them signed to the fam at Roc Nation, it made sense to put them together and the fans of Germany appreciated it for sure.


Later that night, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation was scheduled to be donating a court to Mitte in Berlin (the city center). While everyone waited for the caravan to roll up, the DJ rinsed pure Drake tunes. Toronto is on for REAL on a global scale. Sometimes, it helps to see it in the flesh but music is truly global and the Six has got people open everywhere. When Easy Money hopped out, the crowd popped. He shot some buckets, took some pics and even brought Boateng out for a 3 point competition which he smashed (obviously). When he was done, he signed the manifesto from his MVP speech (pic below) and left his mark on a court that will develop the skills of all the Berlin players who are #AllForTheGame.
KD Manifesto

All in, it was a fitting way to wrap up an insane two weeks.

Durant x Berlin

This tour reinforced how massive a force basketball has grown to be. It touches communities from all over the world with limited resources but the drive to play a sport they love. Just like music, the rhythm of the game keeps us all ticking day in and day out in pursuit of change in our communities and across the world.

Big shout to Leroy and Chuck at Nike for the opportunity to roll, Randy for being hilarious and Leine for shooting some insane photographs. Everyone involved had a wicked time and we will definitely be back and popping for another round soon.

Remember – the rearview is clearer than the windshield and no matter where you travel, don’t forget to bring that #THORO to your borough.

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