It has been a long journey to get us to this day but every hurdle was an incredible experience that we built into the music, the visuals and the movement. It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the #AcademicProbation album for the world.

Produced with the help of Triple A and others, this album is a deviation from the standard recording industry fare. There is no club record, buzz single, pop track, ladies jam, street tune and so forth. There was no formulaic strategy that led us to a room full of strangers writing songs that would represent -us-. This is the music that our city inspired us to make. Industry cues?

Hell no – we created this record with the sole intention of showing the world what goes on in the city where we are from. The smell of 411 Snack Bar at 2:30am seeps through the speakers, the taste of Steamwhistle beer seeps through the lyrics and the sight of the skyline soaring across the lakefront remained present at all times.

The tracks have been played all over the world, drawing attention to our local sights, tastes and sounds that we take for granted everyday. Some have been the soundtrack to Red Bull’s Crashed Ice weekend while we guest-blogged for Canada Goose at the World Finals while others were being pulled up with lasers firing on our last remaining urban radio station (shout-out to Flow and DJ Ritz). Others have earned Top 5 charting in territories we haven’t been to yet – but they let us be the soundtrack to their wild nights and their important forgotten memories, so I promise you we will get there soon to connect.

This is our city – this is our time – this is our sound.

Welcome to #AcademicProbation.

Aspektz - Academic Probation (Cover) Aspektz - Academic Probation (Back)

[Download Links]

Academic Probation – The Album (iTunes)

Academic Probation – The Album (Hulkshare)

Academic Probation – The Album (Sharebeast)

Academic Probation – The Album (Zippyshare)

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