Some people call it electro hip-hop. He calls it Thoro Hop.

Since the release of his debut album, Academic Probation in 2013, Aspektz has topped charts all over North America. With his signature combination of electronic beats taking over radio, TV and dance floors from Toronto to Tokyo, Aspektz has connected with fans across almost every continent. With hits like IN THE TDOT and AVION placed in international videogames, the apex seems to keep stretching higher for the talented Canadian artist.

Aspektz first gained national exposure with the release of his Academic Probation series, appropriately entitled AP1: Detention (2010), AP2: Commencement (2011), AP3: Last Day of Class (2012) & AP4: Back to Class (2013). All four projects enjoyed singles that received heavy rotation on college and CHR radio, including MuchVibe, MuchMusic, MTV, Fuse & BPM. IN THE TDOT, released on AP1, spawned a smash video that propelled the song to international success and focused the spotlight directly on the emerging artist and his city.


Born in Toronto, Aspektz has had a love for performing since he was a youth. Raised in a house fraught with siblings and animals, Aspektz work ethic was instilled into him at an early age as he set out on his own to earn his keep. Mr. Thoro (a derivative moniker based on his True Thorobredz record label and marketing agency) has always walked to the beat of a different drum, dabbling in many avant-garde arts including the rave and underground hiphop scene in their early years.

Early on in his musical career, Aspektz began to change the way musicians operated by connecting directly with authentic brands to create partnerships that blur the lines between art and business. Being able to speak to the value proposition on both sides of the table, he has forged working relationships with top brands from all over the globe including Red Bull, G-Shock, Timberland, Hennessy, Nike and more.

Aspektz work has been featured on Olympic broadcasts (London 2012), on XXL Magazine and his music has been featured in platinum selling videogames. He has also crafted theme songs for NBA television and dominated the US College charts with four Top 5 singles from his debut album. In order to showcase his signature sound (a combination of sounds from all of his musical influences) and one that he hopes will define his region, he has captivated fans on-stage alongside Young Money, Keys n Krates & Zed’s Dead. Aspektz performed in front of 110 000 screaming fans at Red Bull’s Crashed Ice starting line in 2011 for the videoshoot of SNOWDAY which went on to much success at broadcast.

Aspektz In Hype We Trust


After releasing Academic Probation in December of 2013, Aspektz went on a press run that included MTV, The Examiner, Huffington Post and the legendary Naked News. Following up on the success of his first LP, he reconnected with an esteemed cast of producers to create an evolved sound for his next album.

Having bounced between Los Angeles, NYC, Toronto and London since the album was released, Aspektz new sound will encompass his experiences working with top international talent in each of these metropolitan cities. After sitting down with the major labels across two continents, Aspektz has begun to push his team’s independent grind into the next echelon. Currently recording his sophomore project, titled NEXT LEVEL, the True Thorobredz soldier is poised to do more than move to the next stage – he’s in a position to change the entertainment game forever.

Aspektz is signed to True Thorobredz and travels the world on his journey to spread his message and continue to “Bring #THORO to your borough.”