What Difference Does 5 Years Make?

Back in 2011, we approached Much Music with a concept we knew would change music videos forever. By using 360 lenses and interactive technology, fans would control and direct their own music video to create a unique experience every single time. Thankfully and with the support of MuchFact and Red Bull, we shot “Swivel” and “Snowday” and brought immersive videos to broadcast television in their early days. Now, in 2015, the Weeknd and Eminem have caught up.

While their new video for “The Hills” is definitely a bigger budget affair, it’s funny to think of how small the differences are in the videos given the budgets, timeline discrepancies and artists involved. The number one song in the world featuring one of the most prolific rappers ever vs a Canadian artist on the come-up… From fireballs shooting out of the sky to firework fights in Muskoka, Ontario (Canada), the inspiration seems obvious but we salute two of the largest artists in the world for bringing one of our old concepts back into the mainstream a few years later.

Think about that then dive into the first ever interactive video (SWIVEL) and see where Abel and them got inspired from. Huge shouts to Igor Vichikov, the mad scientist who brought everything together and continues to be an innovative maniac with tech to this day.

(Use the left and right keyboard arrows to spin in 360)

(Click over to the Youtube page to access interactive version)

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